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Imagine a world where everything is connected, where you could monitor and control all things around you, at your home, at your work, in your city. Imagine doing that from everywhere in any device connected to the Internet. This is not the future, this is reality!

We, at 4lab work to make Internet of things real and help you to create your connected product. We are an IoT agency that allies technology and a multidisciplinary team to create innovative solutions as a result of smart combinations between hardware, software and Internet.

Consulting Services

Our industry know-how allow us to translate the customer need/vision into a real product, as well as make it possible to share best practices and recommend the best fit technology.

Product development

Create new and desirable products and experiences integrating hardware and software for different industry segments.

Process automation

Identify opportunities for process improvement. Our goal is to maximize productivity adding the use of smart technologies.

Infra and tools

Provide cloud infrastructure and tools to run different IoT solutions with high performance. Turn data into information to help you make decisions.

What is Internet of Things?


So what exactly is Internet of things? Internet of Things (IoT) is a technological revolution that consists of establishing interactions between intelligent devices via the Internet.

It refers to the communication established between the Internet and devices through a unique ID so it is possible to control and monitor it remotely. These things can be any object from our daily life such as automobiles, machines, house appliances and electronics.

When we integrate a hardware to a software, we are able not only to read information from machines but trigger actions and gather information to support decisions in many areas, such as: home/consumer, transport and mobility, health, buildings and infrastructure, as well as cities and industries.

Our Products


DriveBe is an automotive solution for smart drivers. While monitoring the car conditions we can provide feedback on the way the driver is performing and also give some tips to improve behavior in order to increase safety, economy and efficiency while driving. In addition to that we alert the driver when maintenance is needed or a problem occurs. More info: www.drivebe.com

Maker Hacklab

Maker Hacklab is a Hackathon for students, entrepreneurs and companies that want to immerse in an intensive creative environment to create an IoT solution in a short period of time. We provide trainings, help to identify opportunity sources and couch them while prototyping and building a business model for the new connected product or process.

Water Management

Our solution helps to optimize and control the use of water in condos, industries and cities. With this solution managers can automate distribution from different sources, control the water treatment and measure how much water is being used where and by who. By this it is possible to diminish water waste, detect leaks and correctly allocate costs to the correct user.

Real-time data

Temperature 25º C
Humidity 60%

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